A Guilford Connecticut tradition since 1859 

Safety Rules for All Floats

No throwing of candy and/or other objects is allowed by any participant in the parade. The danger is that children who are observing the parade or sitting on floats could dart/jump into the street to collect candy or items near vehicles.

Participants must sit back from the edge of the float and not get off the float until it stops at Calvin Leete School at the end of the parade.

Participants may not sit with their feet near the wheels of the float.

Guilford Public Schools Float Event Information

Automobiles, small trucks such as pickup trucks, and trailers towed behind vehicles must be totally decorated.  The towing vehicle need not be decorated.  All vehicles must have a Certificate of Insurance, described in the FAQ tab under insurance, sent to guilfordfairparade1@gmail.com no later than August 15 (No exceptions)

Before the parade, large vehicles, including floats, are asked to turn around by going to the Town Marina or using Lovers Lane to access the end of the parade. They should not turn around on Whitfield St 

Judging of the floats begins about 9:15. By 9:00 a.m., Guilford Schools floats and their participants must be in the position they were given in the Line of March or they will not be judged. Marshals with red vests will assist entries in finding the proper place in the Line of March and to direct the float when to start. Since the streets near the parade are closed at 9:00, all students should arrive just before the judging, as they will have a long wait until the parade begins.

Awards will be given to the school floats shortly after the judging, before the parade begins.

All schools in the Guilford Public Schools are invited to enter a float.  Traditionally each elementary school 4th grade class enters a float. A payment of will be provided for each Guilford Public School that enters a float. Floats carrying musical groups from a Guilford Public Schools will receive payment as a musical group and will not be judged as a float or receive a float payment.

Each float must have the year and the name of the school displayed on both sides of the vehicle.
Any decorations may be used as long as they are NOT cut from living plants, trees, etc.
Props should be original (not purchased) with the exception of flags, balloons, etc.
Schools may not use the same props from year to year.
There is a 12-foot height limitation from the ground to the highest point.

Guilford Public Schools floats will be judged on the use of space, not necessarily on size. Floats will be judged on such categories as creativity, student workmanship, the use of props and costumes and an overall design that fits the theme.